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Battery-operated Flashing Signal Light
Battery-operated Flashing Signal Light
Change the "Flash-pattern" and "Lighting" modes for indoor and outdoor and for day and night applications.

Caratteristiche del prodotto

■ Superb visibility is maintained to the end.
The preferred choice for various warning and safety applications.
PFH-BT Application

■ Lighting Mode
Depending on the application, the power mode can emit a highly visible illumination for immediate caution, and the eco-mode can be used when prolonged operation is necessary.
 Lighting Mode
 ※Remove the globe to make various settings.

■ Battery Exchange
The bottom base has a place to grip, so it can be opened without a tool to easily change batteries, and is even possible to change batteries with work gloves on.
 Battery Exchange
 ※We recommend that only AA alkaline dry cell batteries are used for this product.

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