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Network Monitor Signal Tower 60mm
Network Monitor Signal Tower 60mm
Il modello NHL ha una torretta di segnalazione a tre livelli con buzzer, che ha la capacità di inviare emails per segnalare immediatamente al network manager un evento, attraverso la connessione di rete.
【End of production at the end of June 2018】

Caratteristiche del prodotto

Correspond to SNMP Protocol
• Cooperate with various kinds of network devices that support SNMP protocol
• Possible to send SNMP Trap Exclusive MIB loaded
• Network Monitor Signal Tower loads the exclusive MIB to control itself with SNMP Ping Monitoring
• Monitor the health of (up to) 16 network devices using Ping Corresponds to RSH Command
• Warning light, flashing, buzzer can be easily activated by RSH command Prevent unauthorized access and information leakage
• By cooperating with an Asset Management Software, warning light, flashing and buzzer can be activated as warning when
unauthorized access is attempted

Specifiche del modello

DIMENSIONS - Tower diameter: 60mm
- Overall dimensions: 69mm x 126mm x 338mm
OPERATING VOLTAGES - AC100-240V (NHL-3FB1U Adaptor included)
PROTOCOLS - Physical Layer: 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX
- Data Link Layer: CSMA/CD
- Network Layer: IP/ICMP/ARP
- Transport Layer: TCP/UDP
- Application Layer: HTTP/RSH/SMTP/SNMP/POP/DNS/Socket/NTP/DHCP
FUNCTIONS - Ping Device monitor
- RSH command
- SNMP v1・v2
- Self-diagnosis
- Application monitor
- E-mail Transmission
BODY STYLE Interface converter:
- Low profile steel casing
- Bumper pads installed to protect surface finish
- Pre-assembled, mounted to converter base
- LED modules are interchangeable
BODY COLOR - Interface Converter Base: Off-white
- Tower: Beige
STACKABLE TIERS - 3 tiers only
MODULE COLORS - LED source Color: Red / Amber / Green (only)
- Lens Color: clear Lens
AUDIBLE STYLE - Alarm 1: selectable, Slow Intermittent
- Alarm 2: selectable, Fast Intermittent
- Alarm 3: Fast Burst
- Alarm 4: Continuous
- UL
- RoHS


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