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Caratteristiche del prodotto

  • Re-designed lens and improved module construction delivering bright, even light for visibility from further distances. (2000mcd output)

  • Re-engineered, completely enclosed sound module, maintaining substantial water and dust protection while producing loud, omni-directional sound. (LR5 DC12C: 80, LR4 & LR5: 85, LR6: 88, LR7: 90dB at 1m)

  • A modular, “Twist and Lock”, system to easily customize and reconfigure LED and sound modules. (Field configurable)

  • A sleek, smooth form factor and an enhanced body construction for performance in harsh environments. (IP65 protection rating)

  • Rated voltage: DC24V

  • Standard body color: Off-white. Silver and black bodies available as components only

  • Body unit with terminal block available as a component in off-white, silver, or black (LR7-WT & LR7-KT)

  • Four mounting options: Direct, pole with L-bracket, pole with circular bracket, and pole with folding bracket (Off-white only)



Operating Ambient Temperature-20℃ - +50℃
Operating Humidity Range90% RH or less, no condensation
Storage Temperature Range-30℃ - +60℃
Storage Humidity Range90% RH or less, no condensation
Mounting LocationIndoor Use
Mounting DirectionUpright Position
Protection Rating*1IP65(IEC 60529) / NEMA TYPE 4X, 13
Environmental ConditionsUpright Position
Insulation ResistanceMore than 1MΩ at DC500V between the power input lead and chassis
Withstand VoltageAC 500V for 1 minute between terminals and chassis without breaking insulation (M2: AC1500V for 1 min.)
Flash Rate60 ±2 Flashes / min
Sound LevelLR6Typ. 88dB
Sound Reduction*2ab. -10dB reduction
Environmental ConditionsBuzzer Sound No.4 (Sweep) from all directions at a 1m distance
Buzzer Sound4 patterns*2No.1Rapid Intermittent sound No.2Continuous sound No.3Rapid Hi-low No.4Sweep sound
Transistor OutputNPN / PNP
Conformity Standards●UL 508, CSA-C22.2 No.14
●FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A
●RoHS Directive (EN 50581)
●EMC Directive (EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2)
●KC (KN 61000-6-4, KN 61000-6-2)*3

*1: LJ Type is IP54   *2: Dependent on DIP Switch Settings   *3: Except KT and M2 LJ Type   *4: M2 Type Only (Except LJ Type)

LED Unit Specifications

Current Consumption / Power ConsumptionTyp.0.04A/1W

Buzzer Unit Specifications

Current Consumption / Power ConsumptionTyp.0.04A/1W


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